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    McAfee EEPC causing Windows 7 to boot into System Recovery mode


      Hi there


      First of all, let me make clear that I'm not by any means 100% certain McAfee EEPC (v is to blame for the problems I am experiencing.


      Here's the scenario:


      We have deployed thousands of Windows 7 machines, each running our McAfee security products, including EEPC software encryption.


      The problem I have is that around 10-15 seemingly healthy machines every week are booting into Windows 7 System Recovery mode.


      Now, because decrypting from s/w encryption takes so long, we simply rebuild these machines wherever they are.


      However the number of incidents is creeping up and I need (hope!) to find out what is causing this to occur so I can prevent it.


      My question then is: what are the events which can cause McAfee EEPC to boot a Windows 7 machine into System Restore.


      I have a list of such events which can cause BitLocker to do the same, but we don't use BitLocker we use EEPC.


      Is there any McAfee logging I can check which will show why an EEPC encrypted Windows 7 pc booted into System Restore?


      I'm certain there must be a McAfee log somewhere, however obscure, which can help resolve this.


      Hoping someone can shed some light.