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    Did you know?


      That our own "Peacekeeper" is a (Brand New) GrandFather? Yep, sure enough. As one stated he stays busy chasing (Cats-GrandBabies) which I can personally attest to doing the same!. His Daughter just blessed him with a "Spanking Brand New Grand-Daughter". Ahhhhh, what the many splendors of life can give us.


      Yes, this is "Off Topic", however I respect and appreciate his dedication to continue to offer advice,and suggestions during the whole ordeal.

      I tip my Glass tou you Tony.....



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          God bless your family Tony.


          I barely have any memories before my GF passed, but sitting in a cardboard box with him fishing for leaves with a safety-pin on bamboo poles in the backyard is one of my most cherished things in the world.


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