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    Incompatibility software




      i have some issue with a software named dell data protection when i try to encrypt some computers.

      can you provideme a list of Incompatibility software?





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          Hi Carlos,


          I ran into a similar issue with this software. Dell Data Protection is a rebranded version of "Wave Trusted Drive Manager" which is incompatiable with MDE. You can view the list of incompatiable software under the EPO server settings. You also can't remove software from this list but you can add to it. To see how McAfee detects incompatiable software look for a file with the MDE extensions called "DefaultProductDetections.xml". This file contains the files and registry values McAfee checks to identify incompatiable software. For convience this should be a complete list of incompatiable software,



          HP ProtectTools


          PointSec version 6


          Wave Trusted Drive Manager (aka Dell Data Protection)


          Symantec Endpoint Encryption

          SafeGuardEasy Sophos or Utimaco SafeGuard Easy Client

          Sophos/Ultimaco SafeGuard Easy >=5.50 (32/64-bit)

          PGP Whole Disk Encryption

          HP OEM client

          Safegaurd for Mac detection

          PGP for Mac

          SafeNet ProtectDrive



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            terrific...   thanks...