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    McAFee doen't recognize JumpFlip




      my computer is infected with JumpFlip. To my disappointment my McAFee Internet Security doesn’t protect my computer from this attack and even doesn’t recognize this threat. Can anyone suggest how to delete this malware with McAFee Internet Security?



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          Actually McAfee does detect this (PUP) which is associated with the Notorious (Yontoo). You can see the list of Vendors whom detects it. McAfee detects it as " Artemis!"  The list is HERE   I recommend running Adwcleaner,Junkware Removal Tool,followed up by Malwarebytes ( Free) Version only. Do not accept the (Free Trial) or Activate. The (Free) Version will suffice.


          These Superb Free Tools can be found below my Signature (Second Link)  You may run the Latest McAfee Getsusp Tool as well, just remember to add your email address under "Preferences", before scanning.


          Also I might add, remove this entry from all of your Browser Add-ons.


          Wishing you all the very best,

          Please post back your results should you require further assistance,





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            Peter M

            JumpFlip isn't classified as malware although it would certainly be regarded as a nuisance.   I moved this to the Malware Discussion section anyway.


            There's an excellent removal guide here:  http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-jumpflip-virus/


            Be extra careful when donwloading anything that there isn't an unwelcome addition attached as an option.

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              The Removal Guide Ex_Brit suggested is indeed a excellent choice, and highly reputable.

              He,s always on top of everything,as I was unaware he had posted...Chuckle


              Just follow the Guide he suggested.

              I would definitely (Lose) in a "Gunfight"

              Now I digress.