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    Web reporter


      I have schduled the webreporter to process access log once in a days and after processing the logs get moved to a directory .

      Say if i do this a daily basis,does the webreporter database keep all the data from begining in the database?

      in other words ,will i be able to generate the report a for a month ?

      I am asking as we are movning the log files after processing it ..



      How we can have a proper log retention and generation

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          The post processing option "move log files"  only defines what to do with Web Reporter's copy, not the original log file on the Web Gateway.


          Web Reporter keeps the data in the database for as long as you want.  Database maintenance determins when to delete data.


          But it is a good idea to keep a copy of your original access logs for a while just in case you need to re-load data.

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            Thanks a lot

            In Webgateway ,the log files will be existing in the appiance after rotation .Am i right ?

            Even if we delete the files in the WG,the logs are there in the webreporter also .Kindly confirm

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              Haaris Faizan



              Yes the log files will be there in webgateway after rotation..U can keep the log files in webgateway for few days in case u need it again...


              if u delete the files in WG,the logs will be there in webreporter(once the log has been pushed to webreporter then deleting the logs in WG doesnt have any impact on webreporter)