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    Is it a virus?


      Can someone tell me something about "istart.webssearches.com"? Sorry for my english, thankyou.

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          Site Advisor Live gives it a "Green-Clean" rating. Without doing more in-depth research, I can/cannot say. It seems to be safe.

          Have you by chance Downloaded it? I better check more thoroughly, just in case.


          Scratch that !!!  Post ammended, see the "Removal Guide" HERE Please follow the Guidelines/Instructions closely. Remove this from all of your Browsers as well,and any programs related to it,or seem suspicious. You may want to run the Latest Getsusp Tool as well. This can be found below my Signature (Second) link. Add your email address under "Preferences,before scanning. This has alot of the same Superb (Free) Tools recommended in the Malwaretips removal Guide.


          It is a "Browser Hi-Jacker - PUP"


          I might add also,Site Advisor may want to rethink their (Rating) for this Site.

          This thread may be more appropiate,if moved to "Malware Discussion"





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            Peter M

            Moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance for better filing.


            Also submitted the website for review.  Anyone can do that if they wish.


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              Thanks Ex_Brit...

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                Peter M

                You're welcome.

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                  Hi Spycante,


                            As I mentioned in my reply to your OP, istart.webssearches.com is a "Browser Hi-jacker" Although Site Advisor gives the site a "Green/Safe" rating, Ex_Brit has submitted it for review. I was wondering if you had tried the "Removal Guide" in which I suggested?


                             Hopefully, we can help prevent any users in the future,of picking up this Nasty (Pup).




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