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    unsolicited surveys keep appearing and I cannot stop them




      Foolishly, I recently answered a survey with the promise of a 'free' sample. It appeared on a trusted website. Since then I keep getting asked to complete further, different surveys, always with the offer of rewards.


      This usually happens when I open the first  page within a website - ie not when I type the original url into my browser.  Momentarily the address www.strtsrv.com appears in my browser and this then diverts to the site of the survey itself - different ones each time with different url's (win.installdriver.eu, arcadeFrontier.com and others).


      I cannot find any relevant software to uninstall, I have cleared the cookies from my laptop and disabled pop-ups.  The laptop is two months old and I have installed McAfee LiveSafe which I purchased at the same time as the laptop.  A McAfee virus scan has not detected anything although sometimes when the surveys appear McAfee gives me a warning not to proceed (as if I would!).


      Can anyone help me get rid of these survey requests?  Not only are they annoying, but I realise now that their intentions are to get credit card details and attempt to apply periodic charges to it for not at all free products, which is a worry. 


      Thanks in advance