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    Webreporter logs showing error

    Haaris Faizan

      Webreporter logs are showing error in error detected column(can b seen in attached screenshot).But its not always as sometime it shows zero error ,sometime 1 or 2 error & sometime different numbers in range of thousand...It is happening from last 2 0r 3 days.The log header values in webgateway is correct as there has not been any changes to it from last 6 months....


      I suspect that it might be the issue related with database.,Also i had attached server log .


      Need your valuable support....

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          Do you have users in China?  Or do you have your Web Gateway working as an open proxy on the internet?


          It looks like a lot of malformed URLs and bad encoded charachters, possibly containing chinese characters.  You could switch the log sources from UTF-8 encoded to ISO-8859-1.  That should help Web Reporter digest the data, but won't reduce the errors.

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            Haaris Faizan

            No,we have only Indian users ...


            Since so many errors are generating does it means that those logs will not be displayed on Quick view dashboard..


            What Errors detected actually means & how logs will b affected in context of webreporter????

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              It seems that those requests are not valid HTML traffic, so they cannot be imported and wouldn't show up in your reports anyway.  In many cases, the Web Gateway should be sending HTTP 500 errors to the client for them.


              The errors are the number of log lines which could not be parsed. It could be due to wrong log format or log header mismatch, or invalid requests, etc.  Looks like yours are due to invalid requests. You could just ignore them. It might be difficult building regex to ignore them.