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    Profile Removal Password


      Where is the profile removal password located EMM 12.0? 

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          This is setting  no longer Available in EMM  11.x or 12 .x. This feature was only available in legacy versions of EMM as they allowed iOS device management with or without an MDM certificate (profile removal password could only be used if there is no MDM certificate in use.). After Apple introduced MDM management, the profile removal password could no longer be used for MDM managed devices, but instead the device password was used for device removal password (per Apple design).


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            0123456789 worked. 

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              Managing devices without an MDM certificate is not supported in EMM 12.0. if you have a password for removing profiles that is not the device passcode, (e.g.0123456789 ) the device was likely not provisioned with EMM 12.0 but it probably has profiles from a legacy version of EMM installed.