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    access protection gets disabled


      I am using Mcafee ePO version 4.6.5 and VSE 8.8 P2,

      On all my servers  ,i can see Access Protection disabled on VirusScan Console  , and Mcafee Taskmanager service is getting stopped  automatically.

      Please do guide how to enable it , is my policy from ePO is causing this issue, please how to enable it from ePO.

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          form ePO server check Access Protection policies if it is enbaled or disabled for these servers, make sure that all servers get the enabled policy.

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            Were you able to resolve this? There are a number of possible reasons for this. Some more information would be helpful.


            Does another AV or Threat Protection software reside on those servers? Sometimes they don't play nice...


            Did you just deploy VSE recently? If they haven't got their first update/DAT yet they will remain in a Disabled state...


            If you simply need instruction on locating the AP policy in ePO let me know.