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    ePO Migration




      I'm deploying McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (last versions) in a customer that already has 3 ePO servers (one 4.5 and two 4.0) but we want only one. For that I would need you to help me with the following doubts:


      • Do you recommend removing McAfee Agents 4.0 and then installing Agent or upgrading 4.0 to 4.6 and then 4.6 to And for the existing McAfee Agents 4.5?


      • After upgrading all the existing Agents to the last version, how do we migrate them to the new ePO server? One is 4.5 and the other is 4.0.



      • How do we migrate the 3 existing ePO servers to the new one? Take into consideration that we’re aiming to use 3 Agent Handlers.




      I really appreciate your help.


      Look forward to hearing from you all,




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          Laszlo G

          Hi luispaulotf, you can use a standard upgrade task to upgrade any existing McAfee Agent to 4.8. For those who doesn't get upgraded then use the Deploy McAfee Agent action with the Force option so it overwrites anything.


          You can migrate agents from ePO 4.5 to 4.6 or 5.x using the Transfer Sytems option (i.e. no need to deploy McAfee Agent again)


          As for ePO 4.0 there's no such option so you first may upgrade it to ePO 4.5/4.6 or just deploy McAfee Agent from the new ePO server to computers managed by the 4.0 server.


          There's no difference on using 1 Agent Handler or 20 you just need to set them up and create AH rules

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            Thanks Laszlo! Very helpful

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              Regarding Agent Handlers my question is:


              After migrating the agents to ePO 5.x server can we assign them to a specific agent handler or should we use (if possible) the Transfer Systems Options to migrate the ePO 4.5/4.6 Agents to an Agent Handler?