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      Hi everyone,


      I keep having words underlined in new pages opened in Chrome, and when I bring the mouse over the highlighted and underlined word, an ad pops up, and it says in small letters 'ads by highliteapp'. It is so frustrating. I think this highliteapp was installed by mistake when I installed another program.  I have uninstalled this app from my PC, ensured it is not in the settings in chrome and its extensions. I am unable to get rid of it. Any suggestions please???


      Thank you



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          This seems to be an extended issue you posted about earlier. Did you follow the suggestions I gave in that particular post? Anyway, here is a guide that suggests some of the same tools I recommended to you in your first post. It can be found HERE

          http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/514102/confusion-with-sudden-pop-up-ads -and-highlighted-words/

          You reported initially that McAfee had detected (13) viruses. Yet was unable to remove a " Artemis Detection?

          I can insert the initial post you made,if you wish.


          Again, just as the Link I just inserted, uses the same Tools as Recommended in my first response to you?

          There are other remedies that can be used, however try these first.


          Your initial post was HERE Although I gave you a link to (Bleeping Computer) I feel comfortable in suggesting you to run Adwcleaner,Junkware Removal Tool,followed by Malwarebytes (Free)


          Which I reitterate,can be found below my Signature (Second) Link.


          All the best,







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            Thank you for trying to sort this mess for me. I read your link, all of it, although I had to open the page many times, as it keeps being highjacked by this: http://xqixqi.com/http://ad.sipox-media.com/ad.php?zID=508, so I have to open the link again and again to read it.


            I did uninstall the highliteapp from my computer. And when I access extensions in tools, only 2 extensions show up:

            - google Docs, which is enables

            - New Tab connect, which is not enabled

            - and get more extensions


            And I don't mind buying the malwarebytes anti-malware, except that I am worried it will lead to more problems, I am so worried about downloading anything anymore... And I am worried it will conflict with my antivirus McAfee. What do you think?


            It is so frustrating to have this highliteapp, it is not just popping up ads, but now I have audio ads starting up when I am working, and there are no new pages opened...


            What do I do?



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              I have another question for you, this page keeps opening by itself, I suspect it is sent by the highliteapp, but I am not sure, trying to sell me Video Player:


              http://www.updateplayer.us/download/Player/R/UK/auload.html?installer=Video_Play er_for_Other_Browsers&browser_type=KHTML&dualoffer=false


              What do you think?



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                Please download The (free) version only. Do not accept the (Free Trial) or activate. The free Version will suffice. Again, go to the second Link below my signature,and run Adwcleaner, Junkware Removal Tool, followed by the (Free Only) Version of Malwarebytes.


                Upon doing so, please post back your results.


                Wishing you the very best,

                Kind Regards,


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                  In that case,it may be beneficial to restart your machine,and tap (F8) repeatedly and in "Advanced Boot Options" choose Safe Mode/with Networking to install the programs I suggested.

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                    In additon, I didn,t suggest this earlier in regards to the "False Artemis!" you mentioned. Here are the procedures to submit to McAfee:Here  However from your description,you seem to have picked up a "Nasty" from an app you chose to install.


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                      Hello Catdaddy,


                      I just wanted to thank you for yesterday's tips. I first did a system restore, then retarted my computer. Then I run the (Free Only) Version of Malwarebytes and it looks like it did the job. No more underlined words are showing in the chorme pages I am opening. So far so good. I will get in touch again if more surprises come up.


                      Thanks again for your help,



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                        Well I am certainly glad to hear that ! Hopefully it will remain so. Just be more attentive when installing programs, in the future. Don,t feel bad though, we all have inadvertently installed (Optional) software. Especially when updating Adobe Products, you have make certain you (Uncheck) the Optional software (Bundled) with it.


                        I might add, that alot of us keep Malwarebytes (Free) on our system as a compliment to our McAfee Security. It is designed to work along side Anti-Virus Products,and is compatible. So no worries there in regards to conflicts.


                        Simply Update it and run  " Threat Scan" from time to time. The only issue you would have with it being installed,would be if you selected the (Free Trial) or activate the RTS- Real Time Scan Module. That is where a conflict would arise.


                        Again, happy to hear that all seems OKAY.


                        Wishing you all the Best,



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