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    This User is not an administrator issue

    Janet Kwek



      I am having issue there is a red warning say " This User is not an administrator"


      I can login to my account with no issue at all but the Mcafee Family protection program is not working at all.


      I have paid for the program however the other 2 machine is working it's blocking youtube and other stuff but for my PC1 it giving me the error below.


      I have t ried to uninstall and re-install the program but its giving me the same thing... I am sure that I am using administor account on my windows 7.




      not admin.jpg

      I thing 1 notice that even if I have successfully delete the MFP program on my PC1 machine when I logged in to my account it still there.... how can I permanetly delete it then re-install

      3 PC.jpg


      is there a way that I can contact technical support? I am located at singapore.

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          This is best answered by tech support see the link under useful links above.


          If they cannot help and I would say they should be able to ask for an escalation acll back to a higher level tech.


          Re the account you have a licence for Family protection you cannot remove it from your account only the PC it is on.


          To uninstall FP


          But that is what you are trying that gives  you the issue correct if so call support.

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            Hi Janet,


            I believe that the user account is an Administrator however you need to type in Administrator credentials of McAfee Family Protection. Try to remember the credentials that you registered as an Admin (MFP) upon Re-install of the application.


            Is there any other Windows User Accounts apart from the one that you mentioned above.

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              Janet Kwek

              @Tony/Peacekeeprt  thanks for the advice I have tried chatting with a mcafee agent but unfortunatley the machine breaks down =/ it reboot by itself and having BSOD....


              We are now thinking to buy a new machine and try to install the MFP and hopefully everything works.


              @Chinthanai Selvan P There are 2 administrator account and 1 limited account on the machine that breaks down


              as my post to Tony we might buy a new machine but i'm afraid since the PC1 hostname was registered to the MFPaccount is there a way to delete if from MPH account itself? or it will create more conflict? Thanks