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    DLP -> McAfee Client Proxy -> Extension is unavailable


      Dear all, first of all im sorry for my english, because this is my 3rd lenguage but i will try my best and thx for the support in advance.

      Have some question about DLP, since we implemented DLP 9.3 in our company. I understand that some option has been changed, as:  Generate Agent Override Key and etc.
      DLP asking me go to Menu -> Systems -> Help Desk, when i move there, i can perform tasks normally.


      The question is, "Missing Extentions" is showed when i am in "Help Desk" options, someone know what is it? What Extention im missing or what it could be? (check attach screen)


      I just wona know what is it, and why i have this msg. Thanks for you help.


      Some Info:

      EPO - 4.6.7 (build 278)

      DLP - 9.3.200


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