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      False Artemis!03CA3605FBE9

      I ran the McAfee scan, it found 14 viruses, managed to deal with 13 but could not remove or quarantine this Artemis. Please help. My mouse is not responding properly. I keep having new pages open in Chrome. And when I am on a page, many words are underlined and lead to new pop ups and new pages. Please help me remove this horrible virus.



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          Have you gone to Quarantine and deleted the viruses,and restarted your system? Also, I would follow up by Downloading/Installing  Malwarebytes (Free) . You can find it and other Superb Tools under my Signature (Second Link) I would run McAfee Rootkit Remover as well. Try running an ( Mcafee On Demand scan) as well. You might want to include the Latest McAfee "Stinger" as well.


          I might add, as instructed, save McAfee Rootkit Remover to your Desktop, close all applications,including Browser.Then go to the saved folder/install. It is best to (Right Click) on the app,and "Run as Administrator"






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            Hi Maha.Mroue


                 If  you would kindly do so, please confirm that this thread has been "Answered", as it basically is the same issue as the "Highliteapp" thread you started additionally. Which you have confirmed your issues have been resolved.


                This way we will have no threads listed as "Not Answered".


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