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    McAfee-Thunderbird freeze problem back




      I run Windows 7 with Thunderbird 24.4.0 and McAfee Security Center. After the update of the latter yesterday, now Thunderbird constantly freezes each time a new folder is opened and when a new email has arrived. Demand of CPU power seems to have risen notably (fans are very loud often compared to before the update).


      It seems the problems with McAfee Security Center and Thunderbird, which I thought were solved now have returned. This is very annoying and making it difficult to work properly.


      Is there any awareness of this problem already - or do I have to wait a couple of weeks for this problem to be solved? I'm getting slightly tired of paying for a product with these constantly re-occurring problems.


      Edit: And, by the way, I don't have any McAfee anti-spam add-ons in Thunderbird, and I have disabled scanning of attachments in the Security Center settings a long time ago. There have been a couple of new McAfee problems and updates since then.


      Would be grateful for any advice or comments on all the above.






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