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    Issues with Installing Updates


      I'm currently running McAfee Security Center 2013 on a 64-bit Windows 7 Dell laptop, and have run into an annoying problem regarding updates.

      McAfee checks for, and downloads updates normally, but then the "installing" process doesn't happen. Usually, at some point I notice a little blue circle icon appear next to the McAfee one in the icon tray, and the message "Installing Updates" appears if I hover the cursor over it, but for the last three days, nothing happens at all after the updates have "downloaded".

      I've tried waiting a while to see if its just being slow, but this doesn't help. Oddly, if I reboot and try again it works fine.

      I was expecting to get some kind of "a program is still running" message before the reboot (assuming the update process was working in the background), but didn't.

      I've run MVT and didn't find any issues.

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          Peter M

          Not sure what to suggest in this case except a) make sure your system clock is accurate as that can cause anomalies like that and b) contact Technical Support via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Hi Ex_Brit,


            The system clock appears to be okay. I tried checking for updates just now to see what would happen (knowing that there wouldn't be any new ones), and it hung on "Checking for updates" instead.

            After a reboot, I got the usual message of being up to date after an update check.

            I recently added HTTPS Everywhere and Disconnect apps to Chrome - I doubt this has anything to do with it, but as I've added them recently, and this has started happening recently, I thought I'd mention it.

            One other odd thing: I sometimes update AdBlocker's filter lists while McAfee is updating, and it's usually fine about this, but if I try to update them while it's "hanging" I get  the message "Failed to retrieve this filter".

            I wondered if it was some kind of server issue...

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              Peter M

              I doubt those have anything to do with it but you never know.  I really don't know what to advise though.

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                Hi wixey,


                Please try a manual update in Windows Safe mode with Networking and see if it works.


                To login to Safe mode with Networking just Restart the machine and tap F8 key repeatedly until you see the Advanced Boot Options. Once seen highlight Safe mode with Networking and hit enter.


                Open McAfee UI and check for updates. Post back the outcome..!

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                  Hi Selvan,


                  Thanks for the advice - I'll try this tomorow when I've got more time.

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                    Hi Selvan,


                    I've just run a manual update in Safe Mode with Networking and it worked fine.

                    The latest update is Security Center version 16.8.708 Engine version 1898.0

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