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    HIPS 8 and FQDN

    Laszlo G

      Hi everyone.


      We have a Sharepoint Server that only allows access to its specific port to some computers. To decide which computers should be allowed we have defined IP addresses, IP ranges and FQDN computer names (computerX.domain.com) and this has been working until now


      Recently we have upgraded HIPS 7.0.5 to 8.0.4 on this server and everything works except for computers that are defined by their FQDN (because they have dynamic IPs). If I use an IP address instead of the FQDN then it works and I can access the sharepoint port but if I try with the FQDN then I'm denied by the default deny all policy.


      This server has HIPS 8 with patch 4 and extension so it already has patch 3 that used to resolve FQDN parsing failures.


      Anyone has an idea on why this doesn't work?