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    IE11 homepage keeps changing to about blank


      Hi All


      Firstly - my user name as "Frustrated Tp User" is no longer applicable as I have had a good experience with Mcafee support since December.


      My problem is this - for the last 3 weeks my IE11 home page keeps changing to "about blank" once a day or more - does not matter what homepage url I use eg google.co.uk


      Total Protection found no infection until  earlier this week it found a RDN/Generic Downloader.x!ke associated with 2 .msg files. It removed these. I then did a further total scan with the restore point off for windows.


      I have deleted internet history, temp internet files and cookies. Flash and Java and windows software up to date (Windows7 64 bit)


      I have run the free Malwarebyte scan and also the Mcafee rootkit remover and these found no infection yesterday or today - however the problem is still there. The rootkit scan appeared to scan for "user" however I am logged in as "admin" - so not sure if that is an issue.


      This may well have nothing to do with Mcafe Total Protection - but am hoping someone may have experienced something similar.