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    Update installation error


      Firstly can I say I am not a techie person in the slightest but just looking for some simple help re a problem I have been having lately.


      I keep getting messages on my laptop that McAfee cannot install updates yet my computer is secure.


      I have tried manually updating, same problem.  Downloads updates but installation error.


      I installed the virtual technician today and it came up with this but everything else was ok.   ( I have  windows 7.)  Thanks, Chris


      DAT and Engine                   1 DAT / Engine update                        
                                      DAT not Up-to-date                                
                                  Expected :
                                    Existing: 7381
                                      Engine Up-to-date                                
                                  Expected : 5500
                                  Existing: 5500
                        Top Issues                                       OK                    
                                  Top Issue:  Corrupt DAT issue
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          There may be an issue with the update server but I would recommend you uninstall and reinstall your software following the instructions http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101331 and be sure to use the MCPR removal tool after uninstall.


          Login to your online account and install your software



          Let us know if this resolves your issue

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            I would have to agree with Tom, as I was about to suggest the same thing. I noticed that your MVT log displayed (Dats). Is by chance your McAfee Product supplied by your ISP? For the latest Version 12.8xxx,updates differently by using "Engine Versions",opposed to Dats.


            That seems more so in-line with the (11.6xxx) Version?
            Wishing you the best of luck,


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              Thank you.  I will ask someone with some knowledge to help me to do that., although I am sure it is quite simple.

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                Thank you.  No, my McAfee was purchased through an installation on my Acer desktop some years ago.  I extended it to 3 licences and use it on here too.  The desktop is fine btw.  Another thought is that I seem to have McAfee Security Scan as well which I may have installed in error.  Could they be competing?

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                  You are Quite Welcome.  As Tom suggested, please post back your results.

                  I am certain you are quite capable,and up to the task.


                  Best of Luck....

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                    if you are talking about "McAfee Security Scan +" You can safely remove it from your "Programs/Features" As it is merely a Marketing Tool, with no protection capabilities what-so-ever. Sometimes one if not paying close attention,will Download/Install with Adobe Flash inadvertently. Simply in the future, uncheck the (Optional Offer) Don,t feel bad, I have even done so myself.


                    You said your McAfee Subscription came with your machine.

                    May I ask what your Affld: # is please?

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                      May I ask what your Affld: # is please?


                      Sorry I am not with you?

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                        By Opening your McAfee UI/About/ and under your features you will have a Affld: #. If purchased from McAfee directly (Which is my case) it reads...Affld:0. The primary reason for my asking,is it seems you are still on a older Version.


                        Even the Current 12.8.957 Version is due in the near Future to Update/Upgrade.

                        I apologize if I was not clearer, in asking my question.


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                          Please know that should I not reply back in due time. It is not intentional, instead is due to my most recent Cardiac Surgery. I find my energy levels to be sporatic, as I must try and get some more rest. I wish you the best of luck,in solving your issues.


                          I will be back later on, during the meantime you are in very capable hands, with the knowledgeable Moderators-Forum Tech. Should you require further assistance.


                          All the best,


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