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    "McAfee system tray" crashing and rebooting


      I have a company windows 7 64bit laptop and I'm trieng to uninstall McAfee. Currently McAfee is is preventing me to use chrome. I need this software to be able to do my work.

      A few months ago I removed all McAfee installations I could find in controlpanel > programs and features, together with the main directory in the regestery of McAfee. I was able to do this by booting in safe mode.

      This solved my problem until now. McAfee wasn't blockign applications anymore. Since Yesterday I had the Mcafee System tray icon multiple times in my tray. It seems like it crashes and restart it selves.

      This unfocus the current window  where I'm typing, very annoying.


      Today I followed the steps in this link:



      no luck, I can see McAfee agent is still installed and I cant uninstall it because it is in managed mode. (Version

      Same with McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (self protect mode, version 7.00.0800).



      How can I uninstall McAfee completly or fix "McAfee system tray" from rebooting?