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    google redirect virus (and others)

      Hi, I was surfing the web a couple of days ago and have somehow completely infested myself with several viruses, one of which seems to be the nasty Google redirect virus. I immediately ran a McAfee scan and Malwarebytes scan and removed several infected files. However one of them seems to have been my winlogon.exe file and now when I log in (I currently have Windows XP) the welcome screen is no longer there and the logon funciton is the classic 'ctrl+alt+del' against a black screen.

      Also, my USB ports don't seem to be working properly. I can plug in my USB and the C will make that sound to acknowledge its presence, however when I try to acess the files on my USB through 'My Computer' there is no 'removable disk' folder!!

      Have run several scans unfortunately to no avail. Am tearing out my hair here for some guidance and help to exterminate this virus!!