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    How much time?


      While I was in the hospital, I noticed the thread created in regards to "How Much Time" it would take to solve the Rubic-Cube on "Google Play" When I could, and was coherant enough, I kept signing in,and following the thread. Really? I think to the average McAfee Consumer, they would be more concerned as to being dilligent, in accertaining certainty that they (dDoNot) fall for the many "Apps" which are available on "Google Play"


      Speaking specifically in regards to many individuals, whom have fallen for these mis-represented (Anti-Virus-Fake Alert) apps that can be purchased.


      More can be learned from HERE


      Stay Viligant,and pay close attention to what you "Download/Install" In my Personal opinion, Chrome and Google Play should have been more upfront. And protected users from said such.


      I basically have chosen "McAfee Total Protection" I don,t have all the many (Add-ons) that others have,other than "Site Advisor" I use Internet Explorer 11, and can honestly say, that for the bad rap it may get. I have always been safe, and it is just as fast,and secure at renduring pages as any of it,s competitors.


      Some may disagree, but when you keep your system up to date, and implement safe surfing habits. Internet Explorer 11, has less exploitable vulnerabilities as any other Browser, period. I might add also, I (Never) experience any issues with "Site Advisor Live", or any (Slowdown) issues, or compromisation of performance. Jus t read the annual (Pw2own_ Hacking reports.



      Just my (2) cents....

      On Topic, and sincerely,