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    McAfee Mobile Security App Vault


      I see how to add Pictures to the Vault, but how do you add Picture Albums to the Vault in my iPhone. I have hundreds of Pictures and they are all in Picture Album Folders.

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          I only have the App installed on my iPad but it behaves the same way as on a phone.   It appears only the contents of folders can be backed up at the present time according to the help section.


          At the top left of the main screen click the 3 horizontal bar symbol for the index and you should see a Comment item where you can send suggestioins back to the developers.

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            HI $8cdo90,


            You may also try contacting McAfee Mobile Support for free and see if they can help you. Link here


            Good luck

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              This is what Tech Support sent to me.

              Thank you for contacting McAfee Mobile Email support. Myname is Kannan. As follow up of your email, we understand that you want to knowhow to add Picture Album folder to your vault. We would like to inform you thatthere is an option to select multiple picture and move that to vault. But wecannot select an separate Album folder and move to vault. So, please open yourAlbum folder and select multiple pictures and move it to vault. This is how we can move picture to vault. Please do contact us back incase of any queryregarding Mcafee.

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                That's basically what I confirmed and what you originally found out.