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    Return of the return of the iTunes problem


      Howdy, folks,


      The iTunes problem is back this lovely May day. I accidentally opened iTunes just now and I received the license agreement box. This happened multiple times after I kept closing iTunes and re-opening it. After getting iTunes to open the proper library I turned off real-time scanning in McAfee. As before, that seems to have done the trick.


      My virus scan is Version 16.8, Build 16.8.708, Engine Version 1894.0, all updated today, 5/19/2014. FYI, there is a new version of iTunes out, but I have not updated to it yet, so that is not what caused the problem. My iTunes was working fine yesterday, before I got the latest update for the anti-virus. Before this, I'd been fine for months. Whatever had been done to solve the problem had worked. But it's back now. I'll keep an eye on it. If anyone else starts experiencing it again, post your reports here.