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    Where is basic product doc on SafeKey?


      I'm trying to find out how to use SafeKey before I just start adding password. It requires yet a third account to be set up (besides my basic account and this blog). I am in this circular nightmare of support links. And there is nothing in All Access online help pdf that has a topic listed. I don't even know if this is the right community. HELP????

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          Hi ant0n1n@,


                       Welcome to McAfee Communities. Technical support is 24/7 and free. Please look below my Signature, and there is a link for Tecnical support/Types of Support. To include assistance for All Access/LiveSafe.


                         I might mention that it is the (3rd) link below my Signature.

                         In addition when Downloading/Installing McAfee All-Access/LiveSafe, if you allow or check the box to allow anonymous information to McAfee, this helps to basically help set up SafeKey/Personal Locker. ( Note ) Personal Locker is available for Windows 8/8.1/and up only.


                          Instructions on how to install All Acess can be found HERE


                           I see that Selvan/Ex_Brit has replied with advice. As I have always stipulated, any suggestions/Advice offered by them, superceeds mine.

                           As they are more knowledgeable than I, I am Humble enough to admit so.


          Hope this helps,





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            Try the below steps to use McAfee Safekey's User manual. Login to safekey.mcafee.com using your Safekey Credentials (not McAfee account) to see the below page. Click on View User Manual. Select Download User Manual on the following page to get document on Safekey usage.




            Hope this helps..!





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              If it's part of your product it will be in the Help section (open SecurityCenter then click Help at right, Help again and wait for it to load).


              It's part of All Access.  If you need help with it Technical Support can help free of charge and are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                Oops, it looks like everyone responded at once....that user guide should help you.