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    McAfee Security Scan+


      Hi, McAfee recently allowed an extension in Google chrome titled McAfee Security Scan+, apparently this Lets Adobe Installers to Detect McAfee Security Scan+ Software on Your PC?. Since this Extension was enabled McAfee Site Advisor has dissappeared from Google Chrome, I have Tried Disabling Security Scan+ and Downloading Site Advisor again on Google Chrome but still no Site advisor. Site Advisor is OK in Explorer and Firefox. Any Ideas Please

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          You should be able to remove SS+ from Control Panel, Program/Features. then simply go to www.siteadvisor.com  and Download/Install over the Version you supposedly have. As for enabling the Site Advisor Add-on in Chrome/ Firefox. I am not as Astute/Familiar with these Browsers as I am with Internet Explorer 11.


          SS+ has no Anti-Virus capabilities, and is merely a sales Marketing Tool. It simply checks your system for the presence of a Security solution. It is usually acquired when installing Adobe Flash Player as a "Optional Offer", for future installations please uncheck the box, before continuing to install.


          Please know that you are not the only one whom has inadvertently allowed such to be installed.

          The latest Adobe Flash Player Version is .

          The latest Site Advisor Version is


          Hope this helped,



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            See the announcement at the top of the SiteAdvisor section regarding Firefox 29:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/web_email/siteadvisor

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              Correction to my post # 1, My Site Advisor Version just updated to (3.7.0.(186)...

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                Hi postie1,


                Just wondering if you solved your issue with the removal of McAfee Security Scan +? And if you resolved your issues with Site Advisor?



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                  Hi Cliff! sorry  I took so long to reply, since your advice(  which I only got round to trying last night), Site adviser stopped working in Firefox and Explorer 11 also? I disabled SS+ and then did a system restore which brought Site Adviser back on, on firefox and explorer, then McAfee Updated and Hey Ho No Site adviser again, a corrupt update perhaps? Cheers


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                    Hi Postie1,

                              I would recommend to that you check for (Security Scan Plus) in your Browsers (All of them) and disable. Then I would go to to your Control Panel and (Remove). This program is only a Marketing Tool).


                                I would Restart and then go to www.siteadvisor.com  and (INSTALL OVER) the existing SA Version.

                                I might add also,install it through Internet Explorer. Make certain you are current with all of your Windows Updates,to include Internet Explorer.Even if it is not your Default Browser, McAfee uses it.


                               One last Question Please, is your Site Advisor Feature a part of your installed McAfee Suite,or the "Stand-Alone" Free Version?


                             Please post back your results,

                             Wishing you all the Best,



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                      Hi catdaddy! followed your instructions and now have Mcafee secure search in Explorer and Firefox but site advisor is still grey'd out in explorer and firefox and not showing at all in google chrome, I have McAfee Internet security Suite  which includes site advisor, I have noticed now that when I shut down There is A Blue Screen in the background which I think says " He is Dead"

                                                               Thanks for your time and Help it is appreciated!


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                        Hi Postie1,

                                      You mentioned you did a system restore? Did you follow up by making certain that all of your Windows Updates /Add-ons/Internet Explorer are  current and up to date?


                                       Did you reinstall from www.siteadvisor .com ? Since you clarified that you have "McAfee Internet Security Suite", it may by chance be that somehow, someway something has been corrupted. Did you (Uninstall ) McAfee Security Scan +?


                                        It may be that you have to go into your Browsers,and enable the Site Advisor itself.


                                      Short of doing a CleanUninstall/Reinstall...Which you can find the instructions to do so,below my Signature  (First Link).... Try enabling the Site Advisor in your Browsers. If not successful then. I recommend a Uninstall/Reinstall.


                                            Just my Honest Opinion. Please once again, post back your results. If needed, you can Run Malwarebytes ( Free) which can be found below my Signature(Second ) Link. Do not accept the (Free Trial) or activate. The Free Version will suffice.


                                             All the best,


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