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    How do I remove an irritating Toolbar


      I had to update some software on my PC the other day and afterwards when I click  onto either Firefox or Windows Explorer get a new search bar appear the address of  which starts "http://search.conduit.com" The annoying thing is that it also brings up  an annoying pop-up advertising box which I cannot close down. I contacted HP whom I purchased my PC from and they suggested because it was a software issue I should get onto 'McAfee Support.  I did this yesterday afternoon and eventually got through to a guy who after I had explained my problem asked if he cpould over my PC and he would fix the problem. It was great I just sat there and watched and followed his instruction until he eventuall said he fixed both the Windows Explorer and Firefox Tool bars and told me the offending "search.conduit was gone and I'd get no more problems.  And he was right for the rest of the day I carried on with no further problem. I closed down late last night and everything seem fine.


      I switched the PC on this morning but noticed the boot up time was a little longer than normal. When I clicked onto IE I noticed that instaed of google being in the search bar it was the 'Conduit' details showing. I've attached screenshots of both the IE and Firefox Screens.


      Screenshot (14).png
      Screenshot (15).png


      Click onto either screenshot to see it enlarged.


      I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had these problems and if so how did you overcome them


      Best wishes




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          Hi alfieb,


                 Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Please try this excellent Removal Guide to resolve your issues. Post back should you need further assistance. The guide can be found HERE or http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-conduit-apps-search-and-toolbar/


          Edited to ammend Broken Link...

          It seems we are experiencing difficulty with (Links )not resolving ,again.


          Please simply copy/paste or type into address bar. If you are still unsuccesful in reaching the Hyperlink inserted above.


          Remove Conduit from your "Program/Features"

          Open all browsers,and disable/remove suspicious (Add-ons) Extensions.

          Then run (AdwareCleaner,JunkWare Removal Tool,followed up by Malwarebytes(Free) only.

          These Tools can be found below my Signature, in the second link.


          I might add, I just typed in the Site URL listed above,and it opened.


          All the very best,






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            Hi Cliff


            Thanks for the prompt reply. I can see that it doesn't look like it will be a 5 minute fix.  So I'm going to add it onto my list of things to do.  Earlier I did look through the uninstall or Change programme section an I think I've found the programme thats causing my problem. I had been told just to uninstall it but I suspect from what I've read it won't work.  So I don't suppose its going to give me too much grief to leave it until I can sit down and look at it properly.


            I'll update this thread as things progress


            Best wishes



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              Hi alfieb,


                         You,re perfectly welcome. Please follow those instructions,and run those programs and it should resolve/remove this Darn Crap. If you feel the need, please post back your results and if not I. I am certain others very capable will, add to the discussion.


                          I must get on the move, have a Doctors Appointment.


              All the very best,

              CD- Cliff