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    Trovi.com problem


      This morning I had the yellow microsoft icon appear on my taskbar advisng of an update. I clicked on the icon to install the update, which when complete stated it was Malicious Software Removal Tool KB 890830 of 2014, update 1 of 1.  However, I cannot find that on my pc, but my browser has been changed from google chrome to Trovi.com which appears to have hijacked my browser.

      I have been onto the Mcafee help website, following virtual technician etc which stated I had no problems found, session ID 51130624, I did it again, session ID 51131407, and still have the same problem.  Further, I cannot access the technical help chat now for some reason, any suggestions or advice please?

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          Peter M

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          First thing to note:  Windows Update alerts are not yellow.   The Malicious Software Removal tool does download and scan monthly but on update Tuesday which was 2 days ago and comes in as part of the regular Windows Update, not as a taskbar alert.


          It looks like you downloaded some adware along with something else.  See this removal guide:  http://malwaretips.com/blogs/trovi-com-removal/


          Be very careful downloading anything - make sure there is no "optional" extra you don't want or need coming along with it.


          Also keep all aspects of your system totally up to date, especially browsers and their add-ons, even browsers you may not normally use but are installed anyway.





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            Everything that Ex_brit has suggested, is excellent advice. Especially in regards to being dilligent in paying close attention to what you are specifically Down-Loading/Installing. A prime example of such is monthly you have to make certain when (Downloading/Installing) the most recent Version of Adobe Flash Player/ Reader/etc.That you (uncheck) any "Optional" software which may be (Bundled) with the Version of Flash-Player, before proceeding.


            So many times is the case that, even when your (UAC) prompts you, to include your McAfee Personal Firewall, one needs to follow this advice. Although, the removal Guide seems to be "Cumbersome", and numerous of Applications are suggested. It is necasarry to follow the instructions to (fully) remove all remnants. I also recommend Malwaretips.com-Bleeping Computer.com frequently, for just as Ex_Brit suggested, are Excellent/Reptuable Sites to assist in removing nasty PUP,S/PUM,S/Browser Hijackers/etc., that the mast majority of the most Prominent Anti-Virus Solutions let slide. Especially when McAfee prompts you, or your (UAC) in addition as well.....Yet choose to install irregardless.


            I might add, that one may find it beneficial to (Download/Install) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware "Free Version Only" and keep on hand as a compliment to your McAfee Protection. (Do not) accept the (Free Trial)-activate, for this will implement the RTS- Real Time Scan Module. Which will conflict with McAfee, or any other Security application.


            The (Free) Version will suffice, as it is designed to function along-side all other Anti-Virus Applications.

            It can be found under Ex_Brit,s,PeaceKeeper,s, or my personal Signature.


            Just my (4) cents....


            All the very Best,





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              mutley65 wrote:


              This morning I had the yellow microsoft icon appear on my taskbar advisng of an update. I clicked on the icon to install the update, which when complete stated it was Malicious Software Removal Tool KB 890830 of 2014, update 1 of 1.  However, I cannot find that on my pc


              You must have XP, with update settings of either 'download but let me choose when to install' or 'notify me when an update is available'.  MSRT is the only update that went out to XP users this month, and with either of those settings you would have seen (as I did) a yellow alert icon in the System Tray. MSRT isn't stored permanently anywhere on your hard drive : it downloads and runs, and then gets deleted.


              As for the trovi.com problem, you did mean trovi and not trovit? trovit.com is a legitimate search engine for classified ads, whereas trovi.com is a nuisance browser hijacker that comes in with other free downloads. The developers of this are supposedly "ClientConnect Ltd" but DomainTools shows them on a server registered to "Conduit Connect", which ties them in with Conduit and/or Perion (the infamous 'Conduit Toolbar'). Conduit is one of a group of highly aggressive companies based in Israel that specialise in producing 'monetisation apps'. Among other things these apps will capture all sorts of data about you, your system, and your internet usage, and will pass (sell) this information to third parties.


              So you are well advised to follow the link to that cleanup advice in Malwaretips that Ex_Brit gave you.

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                Correct me if I am mistaken.  But once "Mrt"- (Windows Malicious Software Remval Tool)  is installed, can be ran as a (On Demand Scanner) at anytime one chooses to?


                Of course not unless you are saying this is (XP) Specific?


                One can, click on (Start), then type in "Mrt", and open the program for the month that is current ,and run a scan.

                At least I can assure you this is the case with (Windows 7 Service Pack 1)


                Running a "Quick Scan" will suffice, for should it detect any Virus/Malware Signatures, it will inform you to run a "Full Scan" to remove  any  additional/other detected Items.


                As a matter of fact...Just ran a "Quick Scan', 7:23 seconds, and (No malicious Items Detected)


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                  I don't see it on my system. Running a full search for it but nothing found yet.




                  Note The version of the tool delivered by Microsoft Update and Windows Update runs in the background and then reports if a malware infection is found. To run this tool more than once a month, use the version on this web page or install the version that is available in the Download Center.



                  Edit : The tool isn't named msrt.exe (as you would expect).

                  If you specifically download it from Microsoft the current version is "Windows-KB890830-V5.12.exe".

                  And there is no file with that KB prefix on my system as far as I can see.

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                    Please try clicking on "Start" , type in (Mrt) and the program should show. Open and click next to run. Again, I am running Windows 7 Service Pack 1. It will display "Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (May-2014)

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                      Peter M

                      MRT is in Windows\System32 and if I recall, was there on my XP too.  It simply gets replaced every update Tuesday.   Not sure but you may need to View Hidden Files to see it in folder options.

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                        Quite right. I couldn't find it because I was searching for a different file name.


                        So that probably answers another of the OP's questions : the MSRT is there in ..\System32 but its name is mrt.exe

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                          Hi Ex-Brit,

                          Thanks so much for your advice, (its worked!)

                            I was somewhat apprehensive at first following the onscreen instructions as there were 4, ( if I remember correctly?) sites to download, things started to happen, in my favour, with the second one the Junkware removal tool, but when I downloaded the 3rd one the "Malwarebytes" that really did the job and Trovi.com had its backside kicked well and truly, leaving me with my original Browser of Google Chrome webpage.  However, as your recommendation was to use all 4 I downloaded the last one which was Hitman Pro 3.7.9 Build 216 (whatever that means?) and that also found another possible 32 threats that were quarantined.


                          I am also very appreciative of the advice from catdaddy and Hayton, (you are right, I am still using XP) regarding my problem and would liketo place on record my thanks to you all for taking the trouble to reply and help. Its just another reason I suppose I ought to get my act into gear and buy a new pc. I only came out of hospital on Tuesday, have my stitches out next Friday (23rd  May) then I'll seriously look at another pc.


                          Thanks, Ex-Brit.

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