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    MWG 7.4 VMWare and Web Caching recommendations




      we have several virtual appliances running MWG 7.4.

      Several months ago I had a training where our teacher told us that using Web Caching is not recommended on virtual machines due to high IO.


      Is there an official document stating that? Otherwise, could you please give a recommendation on whether to use or not use web caching on a virtual box?


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          In principle, caching works and is supported.

          It also depends on the layput of you virtual server. If you have several virtual instances 'battling' for IO on the same disk, e.g. all virtual disks are stored on the same physical disk then an IO intesive application like MWG will have difficulties been speedy. If your server has multiple disks and create a 1:1 mapping between disk and MWG VM, then the IO improves. If you operate a SAN or similar, then IO will also improve compared to the 1:N mapping that I mentioned previously.


          As we can't control your server, we recommend to not use caching in vmware, whereas it technically works.




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