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    DAT Version didn't update all after migrate and upgrade


      Hi All,


      Previously, I've done:

      1. Migrate ePO 4.3 from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008R2.

      2. Old Server has Database,but The New Server has different location Database.

      3. Success Migrate,then Upgrade  ePO to the 4.6.7.

      4. Install Agent 4.6 in Master Repository.

      5. Deploy to all agent in System Tree.


      And the issue are:

      I found some agent didn't has latest DAT version (20% of Registered System).


      Already try below this,to agent which has latest agent version,but didn't have latest DAT version

      - wake up agents. Result: Nothing happens.

      - ping from ePO server. Result: Reachable.




      Best Regards,