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    Removal of Old Software Versions




      I have a number of systems containing old versions of VirusScan Enterprise that are no longer in my software repository. I would like to automate a task that would remove these older versions prior to pushing what is in the current branch. At this time, I have the McAfee Agent General policy set to run msiexec during update tasks. Is there an easier/more efficient way of doing this? I was toying with the idea of using psexec, but I am unsure of a way to implement this.




      ePO 4.6

      VSE 8.8 (8.5, 8.0)

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          Normally this would actually be handled by the point-product installer (i.e. VirusScan).

          Moving to VSE group for better coverage..

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            Thank you for the response and the move. I understand that this would normally be handled by the installer, but I would like to make the process transparent to the enduser. Would addiing a CLI command to the ePO install task with the /quiet switch enabled remove both the old version of VSE and install the new without enduser interaction?


            Also, would there be a way to utilise psexec as a registered executable to accomplish the same task?


            Thank you,

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              It's always handled by the local installer, and from an ePO task it should not require user interaction by default anyway.

              The best thing is to test it and see perhaps

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                Hi there,


                The best way from my expirience is to create a task (deployment task) to uninstall the product that you want to uninstall in this case VSE 8.x.


                After running that tast you can change the option remove to install and run aggain the same task and it will install the new product.


                This is completely transparent for the end user.


                Best regards,

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                  Richard Carpenter



                  This is exactly what we do, move the older versions of the software to the 'Previous' branch. Create a Product Deployment Cient Task and set the action to Remove.


                  You can get cleaver with Tag based client assignment rules, but the overall result will be the EndPoint will 'download' the MSI package from the ePO server and run the uninstall functions of the MSI removing the product when the CLient task is triggered.


                  For all of this to work the 'previous' version does need to be Checked into the Master Repository to enable you to select the version to be removed when building the client task, and the ePO server has the MSI files available when the lient requests them when it runs the client task.


                  Feel free to shout if you would like any more details.



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                    Thank you everyone for their replies. The uninstall task for VSE seems to be working just fine.


                    However, our client wishes to perform more than one task. Specifically, they want to know if psexec, as a registered executable, can be used to perform deployments, update tasks, etc... on systems based on specific queries. I have not yet found a way to do this. Any insight would be most welcome.


                    Thanks again!

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                      mcupdate.exe located in the VirusScan directory will force an update.


                      C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\mcupdate /update /quiet


                      For the installation you can check the page 15 from the product guide as you can see all the switches availables. As an example to install all the components you can use:


                      SetupVSE.exe ADDLOCAL=ALL /q


                      To check or download the product guide click on the following link:


                      https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 22000/PD22944/en_US/vse_880_installation_guide_en-us.pdf


                      Please, let me know if you need more assistance.





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                        I'm curious to know the reason for the 1) uninstall 2)install task as opposed to an upgrade (A Deployment Task)... To me your method would potentially leave the endpont w/o AV, thus vulnerable to attack, for a longer wndow of time. I know there are not direct upgrades sometimes like from going from VSE 8.5 to 8.8 so this could be a method for upgrading...



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                          I apologise for the confusion. To be hontest, I'm not 100% certain of everything our client is trying to accomplish. Basically, I believe that they want to use psexec (via ePO) as a way of performing multiple tasks at once on multiple systems. They are currently running local scripts to accomplish this. Organisation of groups has been suggested, but they want to run these tasks based on machines found via queries of, at this time, uncertain criteria. I am not really sure if this is possible...

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