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    clean up after multi epo environment


      Hi all,


      for whatever reasons, the company i've just started at have a very messed up epo environment. there seems to be traces of legacy installations for epo which conflict with each other. at present i'm trying to point all clients to the latest epo server (lets just call it 'server1'). the old clients were pointing to a completely separate epo installation/environment (server2). So, on server1 i simply pushed out (and forced over any existing installation) the new agent. this worked on some but not all.


      after investigating further, it seems that there was another epo server that no longer exists (server3) but it doesn't look like the environment we ever cleaned up after that install either. It appears that the 'Access Protection Policy' and in particular under the common standard protection\prevent modifications of mcafee products... is blocking server1 from forcibly installing the agent over the old agents. i have updated the policy on server2 but it turns out that the policy was created on server3 that no longer exists so i cant seem to force it down from the epo server1.


      if i manually uncheck the options on the client and force the agent install from server1, this works with no problems at all but i cant realistically do that on 500+ clients as i'll be here till next year.


      any ideas or suggestions?