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    ePO Tag question: OS Type vs. OS Platform




      I'm reviewing the tags currently setup in my ePO environment, and I'd like to understand a better how a couple of the tag properties work.   The two I'm looking at right now, are the OS Type and OS Platform.


      I'd like to create a new criteria-enabled tag for servers, so that any server that is deployed in our environment will automatically be picked up by ePO and get the Server tag  assigned to it so that it will get certain policies accordingly.   Now, I'm looking at these two tag properties, OS Type and OS Platform.    It looks like OS Platform gives me an option to select Server directly from there, whereas OS Type gives me an option to select from a list of available OS versions currently in our environment.  


      My question is the following:   Does the OS Platform tag property automatically get updated from McAfee every time a new OS Type is released, so that if Microsoft released Windows Server 20xx (for example), my "Server" tag will automatically know that this new computer running Server 20xx is indeed a server?   And does this then make it more reliable than selecting an OS Type for the tag and manually adding each version of OS Server that ePO detects in our environment? (add Windows 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, etc.)


      Many Thanks!