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    McAfee ePO 4.6 migration




      I have to migrate ePO 4.6 to new a new data center. The hostname will remain same but the IP address will change.

      The database also has to be migrated from SQL 2005 farm to SQL 2012 farm.

      The current ePO server is a virtual server.

      Kindly suggest that should i migrate the Virtual server as it is to new data centre or build a new ePO server and restore the files.

      Also if the IP address of the server changes, what effect will it have on agent server communications.

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          You''ll find McAfee Knowledge Base that will answer most these point in more detail, but in essence as long as you only change ePO server IP *or* DNS (but not both) then the agents should still resolve the server connection and get an updated sitelist with the new server IP. So long as your DNS is consistent of course.


          DB migration can be done independently, you only need to point ePO at the new location using the ePO /core/config page after, and again there are articles which cover that process.