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    VSE 8.8 patch 4 - Problem to update DAT file with some nodes




      i meet some problem with some nodes which don't get update anymore.


      Message in EPO console: The update failed; see event log.


      ex: DAT on my server: 7435

      DAT on the node: 7376

      Last communication of this node -> 5/12/14 2:53:09 PM

      EPOAGENT: 4.8.1500


      patch: 4

      engine version: 5600.1067


      i have this problem with several nodes but don't know exactly how many...


      I don't see anything in the eventlog et activitylog on the node that could give me more details...


      Any suggestion ? (maybe i don't search correctly)



      Second question: i would like to know how many nodes are impacted with this pb. But i don't know how to have this information (in fact i'd like to have all the nodes that have communicated with server today and that don't have the "DAT" of the day)



      Thanks for your help,