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    McAfee Deployment

    Bob Naicker


      I am new to the application and when I try to push the agent to devices it is failing.

      I cannot ping the devices, cannot RDP, cannot connect to the admin $ share.


      How can you push the new client 

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          If you're pushing a McAfee deployment to multiple endpoints this is a question about a Corporate product not the Consumer one. What McAfee product have you got installed?

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            Bob Naicker

            pushing out Agent 4.8.0 and therafter 8.8 virus scan

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              Moved to corporate area put it in VSE area though if you think EPO area better ask.


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                Hi Bob,


                The minimum requirements to deploy the Agent from epo are:


                1) To have C$ enable

                2) Ping the machine

                3) Admin privilegies

                4) Windows firewall disabled in ePO and client computer (if you dont want to disable you should need to create exclusions for ports 443, 80, 8081,8082)


                If you do not meet this, you can create a installation package from ePO following the next steps:


                - Go to System tree

                - Click on System tree actions

                - Click on New systems

                - Select create and download agent installation package without credentials and click OK

                - Save the package FramePkg



                Try to install this package locally in the machine and it will communicate with ePO


                You can take the same package in the ePO server from


                C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409\



                I hope this can help you to deploy successfully the McAfee Agent


                Best regards,

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                  To push the client you also need firewall access from the EPO to the Client on the usual Windows File Sharing port(s), if you have a firewall between the EPO and the Clients. TCP/445 should suffice, but we also have TCP/135, TCP/139,UDP/135 and UDP/137 (besides the ones mentioned by Jose Maria).

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                    Richard Carpenter



                    Although obvious, it may be worth checking with your network team also to check that any Network Firewalls also allow these ports given some of them are not in the 'well known' range.