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    mobile phone installation


      hi,i have purchased a internet securiyy 2014    3pc use. i installed it on my home computer ok but now what do i have to do to install it on my mobile phone that i have just purchased.thanks.

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          Sorry as far as I understand you need Mcafee livesafe or All Access to protect cross platforms ie mobiles tablets and PC etc... Where did it say that it supports mobile protection? See.....




          Possible if you bought this online within the refund period you could get a refund and swap for one that supports cross platform?


          Best to call Customer service and discuss with them





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            Peter M

            darkerheart, you should be able to obtain a refund if you need to change packages to allow cross-platform coverage.

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              Please note that while "LiveSafe" (Safekey) can be installed on Windows 7 Service Pack 1, unfortunately "Personal Locker" cannot. This feature is available only for Windows 8/8.1 and up. Interestingly enough, I have a Friend whom chose (McAfee LiveSafe) upon renewal, changing from (McAfee Total Protection) she discovered after purchase, this to be the case.


              Having said this...McAfee does state that not (all) Features may be available for some OS.

              Meaning "Personal Locker" for Windows 7. She switched back to McAfee Total Protection. Not that LiveSafe-All Access was inferior in comparison, for both Products are Rated as one of the best available for "Cross Platform" coverage on the Market today.


              Both applications receive the same Anti-Virus-Anti Spyware updates as MTP, with the added features for all of your other devices,especially Mobile.


              Yet, she was satisfied with McAfee Total Protection to begin with.As Tony and Peter stated, you can switch to either one. Just thought I would add this "Tidbit"


              All the Best,


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