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    Annoying Pop-Up Ads-Parental Controls


      It got to the point at one time with Aol, that I found that by simply using my (Parental Control) Features. I could and still do. Block "Atwola.com" -(At Time Warner Online) from throwing up persistent ads. In this case, you may try to simply Activate/Add particular Sites,Tracking Cookies, etc.


      Try adding to the (Blocked Sites) Category...Winferno.com, or the actual Hyper-link involved with the annoying pop-ups.


      To this day,I receive no pop-up advertisements. However, you will see a "Brief" McAfee prompt informing you that it has blocked the site.

      Parental Controls....A powerful Feature of McAfee.



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          and very funny in that I and the wife never get any. I run the beta version and she the consumer.. Must be as yoou said Time warner trying to make a buck.


          Mo active Family Protection either.

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            In regards to the mentioned Ads from Winferno, I like you and your wife never receive any either. I only maybe get (1) email every (2) years (I renew every couple of years). I run what I consider a Top-End Suite-McAfee Total Protection.


            As for my post in regards to "Parental Controls". I mentioned that you can block the mentioned Pop-up Adverts by using this feature. Not to say that I done so for Winferno. Yet I have for my (own) personal preference in regards to Atwola-Tacoda.Atwola.com.


            I primarily chose to utilize Parental Controls, because I don,t like ads while I am in my Email.

            Yep, so true in regards to Time Warner trying to make a Buck....


            I like you have never received any Pop-up Ads

            So I guess that we are one in the same?


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