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    ScreenSaver Replacement


      We are using 5.2.11 and we have an active screensaver.


      When i upload the new screensaver file to file group and then update the File Group client downloads the new screensaver when sync but still uses the old one.


      What i am doing wrong ?

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          are you downloading a replacement .scr file of the same name as the one currently set?


          Have you checked the client log to ensure the new file is getting deployed?

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            I tried with the same name but failed.


            I replaced the originial with another file (another name) McAfee Default screen saver seems.


            I can see that the new screensaver already downloaded under C:\Windows but McAfee uses it's own screensaver.

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              I think you are perhaps not understanding what's going on.


              EEPC is just dropping the file on your target machines - if you want to change which screen saver the machine uses, that requires a registry change (which can't be done with EEPC).


              When you say "McAfee uses it's (sic) screen saver", what is happening is that the registry key for the screen saver file is being changed to our .scr file name - you can't use that option to "pick" a different screen saver file.


              Again - check your client log. If you deployed a new file, chances are you have two files in your file groups with the same name, thus your machines will go into this endless overwrite loop.

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                Let me explain


                There are 2 tabs


                1. Screensaver

                2. Client Files


                Both of them includes SafeBoot.scr. (Screensaver tab is including my curren screensaver and the client file have two screensavers included macfee original and my current screesaver. All of them have the same name Safeboot.scr with different file id.


                If I delete the Safeboot.scr under Client Files and Update File Group, it generates a new Safeboot.scr. (I exported and checked that it's default McAfee Screensaver.) This means that I can't delete it.


                If I upload my screensaver under Client Files (Without Updating filegroup) directly without deleting anything. It's ok. Target client shows my screensaver when sync.


                If I Delete the Screensavers under "Screensaver" tab. and import my screensaver. The result is fail.


                I just want to learn the way how it works. I can change it in future times.

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                  ok I realized that the new screensaver'name must be  name "SafeBoot.scr"


                  If I update the file on both sides with the new screensaver named "SafeBoot.scr". Than it replaces the screensaver that I want.

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                    Having the same file in two different file groups assigned to one machine is the root of your problem. Don't do this - it won't work.


                    If you want to change a file which already exists, update that one in the original group. Creating a new file group and doubling up the file will create numerous issues for you.

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                      Ok but one question.


                      Why McAFee is downloading this screensaver everytime it syncs ? I think it's a design issue. Everytime agent syncs the date modified is updating of the screensaver.

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                        Because you assigned the same for twice. Each time it syncs it's switching to the other copy.


                        As I said. Don't do this. It's not how the product works.