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    False Artemis!76F44A542A1A


      Hi There,


      I was recently trying to play an oldish pc game called 'American Conquest Anthology', it comes with three games and to play each of the three games the exe is called DMCR.exe. The issue I'm having is that two out of the three games are working perfectly and one of the games isn't. My Mcafee virus protection keeps qurantining the exexutable as an Artemis meaning that I can't play the game and everytime I try to restore it, it just keeps getting quarantined. I know its not a virus or anything as the other two games have the same executables under the same name and they work fine.


      Help on this matter would be much appreciated, I only joined the forum today as I was reading around on the internet about this 'False Artemis' Problem, thus directed me to this forum. I am using Mcafee virus protection that comes free with BT called BT Protect Net Plus. More, specifically it seems to be the real time scanning that is causing the issue, the only way that I can run the game is by turning RTS off but that would be putting my computer at risk so I don't really want to do that!




      Thank you for your time and I hope there is a way that my issue can be resolved.



      Thank you again.


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