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    Managing EE for Mac v7.0 via ePO 5.1




      We just migrated to our new epo environment (V5.1)


      The next step on our roadmap is deploying EndPoint Encryption to our Mac workstations.


      But it seems that the latest EE for Mac (v7.0) is not compatible with epo 5.1
      I can't import EE for mac via the Software manager but I could check in the EE for Mac 7.0 package via the Master Repository.


      But it's impossible to import the extentions for EE for Mac
      This makes it unmanagable.


      Why does the latest ePO server  doesn't support EE for Mac 7.0???

      Are there plans in the near future to support it?


      What can I do in the meantime or is there a possible workarround?





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