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    Expected heartbeat behaviour?


      I have to OSS staged in the lab, each referred to by IP by the clients.  I find that if I down the primary server it can take over a minute for the next scan request to timeout.  I'm seeing 1 minute 15 seconds or so when maximum scan time is set to the default of 45 seconds.  When I had only the single server I'd notice it would take quite a while before the pop-up noting the MOVE service was disabled, too.


      I don't see anything in the command reference aside from the ConnTimeout value on the client, which oddly says is default to 0 but on my 2.6 deployment is 5 (and won't accept any lower number).


      How frequent is the heartbeat?  How many heartbeat failures before the client fails over?  Can these values be tuned?  If there's a failover requirement detected after a scan has begun will the scan be aborted and resubmitted to the secondary server?