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    Authentication for Non Domain User


      Dear All,


      Can anyone let me know if we can get rid of Authenticationpop-up for non domain users.




      I want users who are not in domain to see a block page instead of authentication popup.


      They should not be prompted for any authentication. even if the same user tries to login with local credential on the machine. he should be prompted with Block Page.


      Can we achieve this in MWG 7.3, if yes can anyone suggest me the ruleset.


      you help will be highly appreciated.


      I have one more query that is regarding SSL.


      When a user tried to access any HTTPS sites, is it possible to view the site without any certificate error, i am aware that we can install a private certificate with trusted source which will not prompt for such errors.


      can we resolve it using a public certificate, if at all this is possible kindly suggest me the step to do so.


      once again you help will be highly appreciated.


      incase of any question please leave a message so that i can get back to you on this.