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    Problems installing MOVE MultiPlatform 2.6.2




      I have a problem with the installation of MOVE in ePO.

      Installing the extension  comes with an error: Extension MOVEVOFF2600, version is not compatible with this version of ePO.

      It is epo version 5.1.0 with the hotfix and they should be compatible.


      Who knows what the problem is?


      PS. I do not have an internet connection yet and am running in evaluation mode.




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          The problem looks like the compatibility manager has not the newest information about acceptable extensions. Probably it can’t connect to the internet to get new data. Can you please check in the newest compatibility list manually and try again?


          -     Log on to the ePO 5.x console.

          -     Click Menu, Configuration, Server Settings.

          -     Click Product Compatibility List in the Setting Categories column, if you set this to Disabled, the XML file can be uploaded directly into ePO 5.x by browsing on your local file system.

          -     The file link is located on that same page.

          The direct link to the online Product Compatibility List is located at: https://epo.mcafee.com/ProductCompatibilityList.xml


          have a test on manual updating this. After thisworked I think you can checkin the extensions.

          Good look.