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    How to update all windows servers to latest version - newbie


      Hi - I've had ePo thrust upon me - no training or prior experience and received a ticket that it appears none of the servers are updating any more.

      This is a customer of ours so it's imperitive that I get it resolved urgently so am relying on the goodwill of this community to help!


      In a nutshell


      ePo 4.6.6 (build 176)

      Servers all appear to be on


      DAT               7420

      Engine          5400


      From what I gather from my one previous (and unsuccesful) post - the customer is way out of date and needs a pretty major overhaul.


      I've literally NO IDEA how to update these servers to the latest version or what the latest version is.


      I can see various stuff that has been imported into the master repository and it appears that elsewhere in the organisation they are running newer versions of the product.


      Can anybody help me - step by step - how to get this back to an up to date and working solution?


      Kind regards.