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    HIPS Query Showing False Data


      Hi all,


      I built a simple query to view if HIPS 8 Adaptive Mode is Enabled, for systems that have communiicated within the last week.  I got alot of results for different branches showing Adaptive mode was Enabled.  I drirll down into the columns and the column for IPS Adaptive Mode showw Enabled.  Yet when I drill down into the properlies of any of those workstations and view the Products, HIPS 8, I scroll down to IPS Adaptive Mode and it shows DISABLED.  Note - the policies for IPS Options have Adaptive Mode UNCHECKED.


      So, why would the query show a false result for thousands of workstations when the policy is set different?  I could understand if this were one or two systems.


      I tried changing the query to show IPS Adaptive Mode Disabled instead and get some results which are accurate.  It's odd that if I filter for Enabled I get inaccurate results.