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      ok i recently decided to  play again  an old game called Diggles  or Diggles:the Myth of Fenris  which was created by Strategy first/ Innonics/1C company. the game came out sept.27.2001

      . so  after installing my virus alert said this is a potental virus and quarantined it. the file which is quarantined is diggles.exe. as far as i know i never had problems with this game while using McAfee. also i tried to send it to McAfee and it kept on failing to send.

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          Hi lightdragon,

                         Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Did you follow the instructions listed HERE ? There are some instances ,where one may have difficulty sending Zipped samples. If this is the case, please try again. Since McAfee has already detected this as Artemis!.


                           Under normal circumstances, I wouldn,t recommend using the Latest Getsusp Tool, (Another method) for submitting Suspicious/Unknown files. If I am not terribly mistaken, it is listed with-in the Link inserted above.Or can be found below my Signature, in the second link.


                            Should you choose to use Getsusp, please select "Preferences" and add your Email Address (before) scanning. You should immediately receive a notification that McAfee has your submittal, and it will be analyzed.  Please save the "Work Item iD #/Analysis iD for future use.


                              I might add, that Site Advisor flags this (Diggles.exe) as "Potential illegal Software"


          I hope this helps,





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            hi  catdaddy and thank you for welcoming me to the forum.


            i can not do nothing with it as soon as i remove it from the quarantine it goes back in there.


            ok i took your advise with downloading  the latest Getsusp  and found 3 suspious items in it and i submitted the report. i got an e-mail back with the following info:




            SR Number              Creation Date                WorkItem ID        Machine Name                    =========              ==============              ===========        ===========                    None specified          5/7/2014 7:37:44 PM          1334070            MAIN-PC                                                +------------------+----------------------------------+--------------+--------- --+---------+ | File Name        | MD5                              | Findings    | Detection | Type    | +------------------+----------------------------------+--------------+--------- --+---------+         | clmlsvc_p2g8.ex_ | d745bf394ac3a5ac29268c6598c6ae06 | not_detected |          | Unknown |         | dighelper.ex_    | 8d2dc4c20e8a34153d61c70534aad51e | not_detected |          | Unknown |         | stacsv64.ex_    | 1bccbf911c437af26a752128d47af511 | not_detected |          | Unknown |         +------------------+----------------------------------+--------------+--------- --+---------+


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              You are perfectly welcome. Please allow McAfee Labs the appropiate time to analyze. ( Usually 4-5 Buisness days). If not resolved by then, please post back with the information you just gave. I see ( dighelper.ex_) opposed to the file (Diggles.exe) possibly one could be the same.


              You mentioned the fact that the file in question was in quarantine


              Quite possibly during the meantime,someone from McAfee Labs may pick up this thread. For further guidance/assistance. I might mention they stay quite busy, with all of the enormous amounts of Malware samples created on a daily basis.



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                i can wait 4-5 business days for McAfee labs to analyze this . the dighelper.ex_ and the diggles.exe file are not the same. and yes the file in question is in quarantine so Getsusp tool can not scan it.


                anyway thank you for the help offered.

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                  I understand...If you have not yet deleted the file in question,please read the following instructions.(Note) Only restore files you are for certain are (Safe)..they were detected for a reason.


                  After following the instructions,try running another Getsusp Scan.



                  All the very best,


                  Having difficulty inserting link..(sigh)

                  I think it is sorted out now,at least it worked when I opened it.



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                    ok . i followed the instructions in the link. then I ran another Getsusp scan. will not detect the Diggles.Exe. only the other three that were detected. as as soon as i open the folder for it, it goes into the quarantine..so i can not send or do anything with it.

                    i also deleted the program in the quarantine. then reinstalled  the game. and the same thing happened. also ran the Getsusp scan again and still it will not detect the Diggles.exe as suspicious. as well as i can not send it to McAfee.

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                      Okay, then please kindly do as I first suggested. Allow the appropiate time for McAfee to analyze the submitted files. Then if not resolved, please post back with-in the time period initially mentioned. It seems that you are having difficulty with the other method of submittal per (Zipped Folders).


                      I wish that I could be of further assistance, however it has been a (Long) day in all honesty.


                      It may be the case that one with more knowledge, will pick up this thread and possibly be of further assistance. I will close by saying...Good Night.


                      All the very best,

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                        Actually I would submit the file but as you say tMcafee redetects it. To stop this for the time you want to zip up the file and password protect it as that link suggests you can disable real time scanning for 15 minutes. You can then restore the file zip it up and send it off and then reactivate Real time scanning.


                        Only do this if you are sure the file detection is a false +ve.


                        That should work

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                          ok Thank you Peacekeeper. i was able to extract it for a zip file and sent it to McAfee.

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