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    Unspooling of emails



      We are seeing a number of problems with the unspooling of emails from the product. Emails seem to take forever to unspool and we have to toggle from automatic to manual to kick start the unspooling.


      Are others seeing these issues?





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          What we are seeing lately, is that there is still an underlying issue e.g., DNS, mail server resources, network connections etc, with connecting to the mail server when the spooler releases the e-mail. We have found in some cases that using the IP as the first priority has helped reduce DNS issues.

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            Hi Frank,

            We already are using the IP address as our "SMTP Host Address" in "Inbound Servers Setup".


            To me the emails should start unspooling after the link has been up for a period of time, say 10 mins. Then the emails should unspool until all have been delivered, the only pause should be when it's busy delivering new email which shouldn't really matter due to the multi threading nature of exchange.


            Other products we have used seem to be able to do this but McAfee seems to be having issues. On these products I have had 50+Mb of email unspool in 30mins but on McAfee we see 15Mb take many hours with a few unspooling then nothing, then a few more etc.



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              By chance was there any update to this?  Today we had a connection issue and ended up having about 150 Messages at < 20MB total and it still has not wrapped up after several hours.


              Any help is appreciated.



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                Hi Adam,

                I have been told that they are a victim of their own success and due to getting lot's of people migrate from Postini to McAfee it's put a lot of strain on the McAfee systems.  So it looks like they will have to upgrade infrastructure so it's not looking like a quick fix is in the offering.  This unfortunately makes the product a bit of a risk if it does not unspool emails quickly, people can't wait 4 hours plus for emails to be delivered after a spooling event. We have clients who will lose orders if they don't get quotes out to clients on the same day.


                Hopefully someone at McAfee can provide more details.



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                  Not that I do not disagree with the issues related to the unspooling issues, as we have a few oursleves. However, they do have the availabilty to see these messages in their continutiy mailbox, so it's not like they don't have access. Many of our former Postini clients forget about this feature and are happy they have access to these messages. Nonetheless, the spooling issues need to be addressed.

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                    I appreciate the response.  It just seems slower than any system I have used in the past.  I hope they do address it soon!

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                      Yes, this week more issues with unspooling, than should be going on. Latest support ticket submitted, has one with only 11 msgs spooled 2mb, 2-hours into unspooling, only 5 msgs have unspooled and 1.5mb remaining. Can't say there is not a systemic issue beginning.