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    SIEMs Hard Disk Utilization is Blank


      Quick summary:

      Hard Drive stats are blank in Device status view


      We have been encountering performance issues. So, did some basic troubleshooting, ran HTOP to see whats running , and kept an eye on incident view to see whats going on and device status. Guess what, no hard drive shows up.

      Here what I've done so far:

      • Restarted the device multiple times
      • Rebuilt all tables multiple times
      • Opened a Ticket with McAfee Platinum support over 2 weeks ago. Still nothing has changed


      Here are the specifics of the system:

      • Running SIEM (ESM) Ver 9.3.2 20140408
      • Unable to view Hard disk Utilization via - Device status. It comes up as blank. As though there is no hard drive. (Screen shot below)